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Unique designs and finishes, interior and exterior grade textured wall panel system, great options to fit your custom design...Call for a visit and see why we are the industry leader in textured wall panels.

Visit our NYC Showroom and see the full pattern selection and unique brand of specialty finishes. high traffic, durable and simply stunning.

We offer a complete wall panel kit, high grade paint finishes, easy to install hanging system, interior and exterior grade panels, many sizes offered to fit your application, and logo design services. Shown below SJC textured wall panels in high grade metallic paint finishes.

Call for an appointment to see the textured wall panels at our NYC mid-town showroom.

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SJC Products LLC | P 646.373.6655
Showroom: 134 W 29th St. New York, NY 10001
Made in the United States
Textured wall panels are an ideal way to accent your living spaces. Easy to install and suitable for receptacles, switches and television mounts, shelving, and closet doors. We offer in house design services for a one of a kind look.
Living Room Textured Wall
TV wavewall
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